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Gia Dzagnidze
& Modern Blues Band

Modern Blues Band is one of the most popular blues teams
in Russia. During comparatively short time of its existence
group has achieved the very important result - Modern
Blues Band has won the hearts of true blues lovers.


For organization of concerts and tours, please call Gia Dzagnidze: 8 (916) 686-18-30
or mail gia-blues@yandex.ru


The necessary equipment in a hall: the Basic panel - not less than 16 channels and not less two or three independent AUX send. Portals, capacity of 1-1,5 kw on 100 sq. metres.

1. Guitar amp (Fender for preference) x 1
2. Bass amp x 1
3. Full drum kit x 1
4. Vocal mike on stand x 1
5. Adequate number of drum mikes.
6. Guitar amp mike x 1
7. Bass amp mike x 1
8. Monitors (3 separate lines) x 6
9. Power socket on stage (for guitar fx and keyboards)
10. Direct box for keyboards x 1
11. Keyboard stand x 1
12. Guitar racks x 3
13. Mineral water (small bottles) and 2 ashtrays

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